What It Does

CanAnalyzer is designed to read log files with CAN data (more specifically, the "monitor all" mode with all the messages the car sends). It is a work in progress, and much of what it does is experimental at this point.

The main feature is the "playback" of log files, showing you all the CAN IDs on one screen, where you can see them changing in near real time.

It can read the format produced by my CAN recorder, as well as several other formats, including can-do's CSV output and crtd.

What You Need

The program runs on Windows, so you need a computer with Windows.

You also need one or more log files to analyze.

Running the Program

First, download the program.

Next, start a command prompt. You can do START->Run and enter "cmd", go to All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt.

Next, go to the directory that you downloaded the file to, and type "CanAnalyzer playback [filename]" and hit ENTER.

You will likely want to make the size of the window bigger, so you can see all the CAN data.

Alternatively, you can go to START->Run and enter "[directory]\CanAnalyzer.exe playback [filename]".

To end the program, you can type CTRL-C (or end like other programs, such as using the "X" button).

(C) Copyright 2012