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Just enter the number of miles you drove, and the number of miles left on battery power. And the cost of electricity/gas, if needed (and kWh per charge, if you aren't using a Volt). The site will figure out everything else.

Miles Driven:  
Miles Left:  
Cost per kWh:$
Cost per Gallon:$
kWh per Charge:  
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Percent of Battery Used: 
kWh Used: 
Trip Cost: 
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Also Here:

A page showing a Couple Chevy Volt Trips, complete with a map and data (the page was automatically generated from data from the Volt OBD2/CAN bus).
An earlier page showing a trip on the hilly Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire, showing data as you 'mouse over' segments. The segments are color-coded by efficiency. There is also another version with points instead of segments.
The Chevy Volt OBD2 CAN Data page, with some details on the Volt OBD2 CAN data and what it can be used for.
A program to record data from the Volt OBD2 CAN bus.
A program to analyze and playback data recorded from the Volt OBD2 CAN bus.

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